The Child will Rise(Book Two)

Chapter 8. Torture

Chapter 9. A Battle of Kong

Chapter 10. Murdoc at the Gates

Chapter 11. The landfill

Chapter 12. Crumble and Feel Good

Chapter 13. Russel

Chapter 14. Someone

Chapter 15.Rise


Chapter 16. Morning of Vengence

Chapter 17. The Tower

Chapter 18. One Last Dance in Heaven

Chapter 19. Falling

Chapter 20. Child Die

Chapter 21. Betray

Chapter 22. Change is like a thosand little deaths and rebirth

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Chapter 8: Torture

Why couldnt you save me?
All you did was tell your stories.
I was dieing and you wherent there for me.
I loved you and you just watched me sail by you..
I hate you D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D sat up bed with both hands on the side of his head. He couldnt remember where he was and confused by the precence of a women on the other side of his bed. His stomach was as if a bottle of acid had, and chruned violently when he tried to sit further up.

"Are you ok baby?" The sound of a sickeningly sweet voice arose from the women. "YOu look very pale!!!!! Hahahahahhaah you sould go see a doctor." The women staart laughing at him as if she had told the ending to a superb punchline.

He couldnt stand it anymore. He leaned over the side of the bed and felt his whole body burn. He steadied himself on the bedpost and spewed the contents of his stomach onto the floor.

The women kept laughing and the world began to spin around him again.
He couldnt steady himself and the calm beauty of the unconscious realm began to swallow up his mind.

He knew he had been pleasured all the night before and had been forced to drink more of his healthy share. He didnt know the name of the substance although he rememberd a voice that had said, "total face fuck."

He fell to the bed holding his stomach and threw up again his whole body sore. The world began to spin faster and atlast everything began to dim.
Quickly he felt his mind subside out of the waking world.

D had been the fifteenth victum that night and as he very well knew, now he had become a slave to feel good inc.

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Chapter 9: A Battle of Kong
D couldnt look into her eyes as the doors began to shut. The hole would be sealed off and he feared that he would never see her again. Murdoc was testing the end of his knife to his sleeve and it was proving itself well.

D checked the revolver and made sure the chamber was loaded with all six of its children. He had never held the gun before in such a situation except for the zombie attack, but that was long ago and he was nervous to use it again.


Another spray of bullets erupted off of the elevator doors and muds threw himself to the side. The attacker was making his way quickly down the hall and in no time flat it would be pumping there bodies full of that which brings death.

I swear if they hurt the studio Im going to-

"Why do you care about the bloody fu,king studio!!! Dont you realize that she's gone and if we dont fight them for oursleves we'll be fu<king dead!!"

"Course I care about-

"YOu never cared about anything except for yourself!!!!!

Muds pushed D up into the wall and looked into his eyes. His face filled with rage.

"Dont you tell what I care about and what I dont.... I love her too... I never had daughter." Muds looked away and then looked back into D's face. "Lets go then.."

Muds set D back to the ground and they both took a breath. D counted in his head and waited for Muds to give the signal.

D dove out onto the floor of the hallway only to see a young brunette with an AK47. She was laughing and had the barrel of the gun pointed directly into his face.

. . .

Murdoc was sadistic enough to let D cower under the barrel of the gun and lunged himself into the hallway with the knife in front of him. He swore that he would cut her stomach open if he had.

He almost landed on D's head but was able to keep his footing and looked went to slash at the girl.

The moment the knife came towards her she dove towards the wall and began to climb up the side.

Good god she looks like a bloody spider. The girl made her way up the side of the wall where she then crawled upside down on the ceiling.

"What the.." Muds looked into her eyes and the girl smiled calmly. "SHIIIT!!" Muds jumped forwards over D's head just as the girl lept to grab him.

The girl reacted too quickly for him and grabbed his ankle causeing him to fall on his face. Her grip was like steel.

. . .

He was stareing up the ceiling his hands where tied but dragged along the ground free. In he was being dragged down a hallway which when he focused on the walls, was a hallway in kong.

He looked up and saw that the girl was dragging him towards the door at the other end. Next to her was a grey haired boy about the age of 10 or so and behind taht boy was D who was unconcious, his hands limp upon the ground.

The gun.. who handnt they removed the gun? It was in D's pocket just hanging out by its handle.

Murdoc kept still and calculated the situation. These kids had somthing to do with noodle and now that she was gone there was no need for them.

He had no sympathy and now was the time for drastic measures. He bit his lower lip and kicked as hard as he could.

For one moment the shock of the kick cause teh girl to fall forward. She released her grip on his leg and he lunged at the revolver.

The gun was already loaded and ready to fire. He brought the gun upwards and pulled the trigger.

BAAAM!!! One round went off directly into her belly and sent her flying into the wall. He cocked the gun and turned it onto the boy.

Just before Murdoc could pull the trigger the boy turned and made to kick his hand.

A man came through the door at the end of the hallway. He had a pistol in his hand. Murdoc paused for only one moment and let the next round off into his face.

The boy kicked and connected with murdocs hand. This sent the revolver flying into the air. Then with the heel of his boot the boy kicked murdoc square in the face and everything dissapeered...

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Chapter 10: Murdoc at the Gates

When he came to his hands where tightly secured behind his back and for a few moments he couldnt remember his wareabouts. AFter a few moments the thoughts came streaming back and he struggled at the bonds.

The girl he thought disposed of was standing over him a sword trained at his neck and behind her the grey haired boy. The boy was at this very moment kicking the living daylights out of D, who at this moment, remained concious but barely over the mark.

They where in the First Floor cafe and teh Blonde Gril held a small penut butter and jelly sandwich in her hand. Murdoc stopped struggling when he locked from the sandwich to her stomach. Her shirt was tattered and her stomach was a huge bloody mess of flesh, yet she seemed perfetly fine.

How the Fu<k was she still alive and speaking of questions; how did that boy kick him so hard in the face? Murdoc had been kicked hundreds of time in his life both in the middle of sex and in thosands of street fights.

This little twerp! Little dung comes out of nowhere and kicks me so hard I cant even feel my legs. What are they?

He thought of noodle and when she left with russel down towards the hole in the carpark. He wished that he had said goodbye with more emphasis on the fintality of the moment. Somthing told him that he would never see her the same way again. It hurt his stomach so badly that he wanted to kill both these people and go after her.

He struggled to move and the girl pushed the sword through his left arm. The pain was terrible as the sword ripped though his muscle tissue. "You bloody fu<King bitch from hell!!!!!!!!!!" He noticed out of the corner of his right eye, the dead body of the cafeteria lady.

At that moment another child walked in who smiled and cracked his fingers. He looked down and smiled heartily at murdoc and spoke sneering an insult in Russian. The Grey haired boy turned, for he seemed to be in charge and the Russain Boy Grabbed D's limp body. The blonde girl Rammed the sword deeper into Murdocs arm and removed it. Then she reached down with her right hand.

The children where taking they're captives to the elevator.

. . .

Russel watched the windmill float slowly into the air and then far into the distance. He knew deep down that her journey was her own. He couldnt go with her and not becuase of what had happened along the journey past the hell hole.(see book one)

The creature would hopefully never arise again but he would close the outer door just to make sure. He started his slow walk over the hills and past a broken tanker which was filled with a rotting smell. He would make his way back to the front of kong, so to survey the situation.
The landfill was for most part a very unkown factor in his knowledge. At one point in the Zombie attack, several years ago, he had been forced to the edge of the landfill.

That was an old memory and he knew there where no Zombies. He made his way down the hill through piles of fish heads, falling tires, rotting figs and dead squirl.

There at the base of the mounatin was the exit they had taken to get to the landfill. The entrance was open and he made his way down the tunnel back towards the hellhole..

The grand lie he had told noodle was that the door was only able to shut in on direction and locked from the inside. He knew that the door had been designed to lock on both sides. He reached forward to lock it shut and heard a sound on the other side...

The doornob began to turn under his hand.
The thing on the other side was still alive?
He could feel it with every part of his mind.
He hadnt locked the door..
He tried holding the nob but whatever was on the otherside was very strong and he knew it..

He turned and started running, but the door behind him was already open.

. . .

They slowly dragged him outside through th front doors and towards the front gates. D was still unconious and the gun was now far from Murdocs grasp. He didnt move for the fact that the children would know that he was awake.

He thought long and hard about the past hour. Dammit what do these little cretins know. I havent been strong in the past weeks and months. Girly you've made my heart soft.

He looked at the gates.
The Gates of his place and of his band. There where gaurds waiting for them just outside of the premises.
He looked back at D and felt a surge of anger rise up inside of him.
I am powerful and if they want to take me they're going to have to fight very hard.

From the anger he felt somthing within him come to the surface. A strength he had never felt before. A dark genisis of somthing he could not stop.
His muscles began to tighten and his eyes began to burn.

He was seething from the rage.
He kicked forward and sent the blonde girl flying. She dropped the sword and he snatched it up from the ground. The grey haired boy turned quickly and kicked foraward but once again the pure power of muds rage was terrible.

He lunged forward and sent the sword directly through the boys left temple. Killing him instatly. He turned the sword upon the Russian boy who stepped forward and was recoilng from the death.

Murdoc threw the sword at him stabbing him through the right leg.
The RAge was filling him.
He felt it grow and grow inside of him until he was blind with the fury.
Soon Mrudoc found himself over the gates.
He tore into the other Gaurds and was jsut about to bite into a neck when he felt a sharp pain.
A sword.
A fourth child was standing behind him.
A child with brown hair and Green eyes.
Murdoc Looked upwards and felt the Rage leave into saddness.
Kong looked so peaceful...
He had lost but he had taken somone as a price.

The boy smiled and for the third time murdoc went deep into own mind.
Everything was dark...

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Chapter 11: The landfill

He could hear the door moving and knew he had no time left. He wouldnt be able to escape the tunnel with the state he was in. Nomatter what his physical condition he would never be able to out run the creature.

A light was just up ahead and the front of the tunnel would then open to the landfill. He had to get to the opening nomatter what, for if the creature caught him he would most likely be killed or worse.

With an explosion of energy he ran forward and moved around an outtcropping which blocked his way. He turned his body sideways and barely fit himself between two stalagmites. Once he was free of that area he began at a run again.

Thats when he felt the claws in his arm. They tore into his flesh and ripped their way through the muscle all the way to the bone. He fell forward and turnd his face only to find himself stareing at the creature...

Slime dripped down from above onto his face. Its hot breath was rancid and its teeth could easily saw through any one of his limbs.

Russel felt the creature pushing at the edge of his spirit. It was trying to consume him both physically and it was trying to find a way into his soul.

He clenched his teeth and knew what had to be done..
Slowly he reached down into his spirit and brought forth what little energy he had left. It would leave him completely open to possession again and he would be valurable to the creature.

He felt his muscles tighten and he let out a massive scream that made the walls shake. With both his damaged arm and his good one he grabbed the creatures arm and threw it against the stalagmite. The greyish ooze dripped down his arm to the wounds and with each pump of his heart the wounds would burn like fire.

With a loud snapping sound the creatures neck snapped in two and Russel did not hesitate to run. He would make his way into the landfill. Maybe there was some sort of protection from it but he would have to find it..

It wouldnt be dammaged for long and quite soon the creature would after him again.
"Not long till it gets up."
He ran out of the opening into the dim light of day.
"Not long.."

. . .

A fishnet twisted its way over a pile of rotting meat. Russel moved to one side and plugged his nose as best he could to block out the stench. Where was he going to go and would the creature be able to leave the cave?

He tripped over a couple of soup cans and nearly landed facefirst into the maggot infested pile of flesh. He turned and began his way up the side of another hill. This hill was too steep and looked like a pile of building blocks that leaned dangerously out of porportion. Cars where precariously set in odd directions with some leaning sideways over broken concrete blocks and stacks of lumber.

There was no way around the hill in either direction but he had been here before.. long ago. He kept moving forward but thought back many years ago. It had been a fight with the undead..

He shook his head and let the memory fly to the wind. Careful not to knock over a can of water he made his way around a grey volvo which had no tires.

He looked up at the sky one last time before he truend toward an entrance at the base of the hill. He was alone and it seemed like he had been set here to wander the waste forever.

What had happened to noodle? Was he stupid letting her go alone on that thing? What about D and Murdoc?

It seemed hopeless to wonder about these things. He was stuck here running away from a childs worst nightmare come to life.

He was now in a cave made out of what had been left. Not a messy cave to his suprise the first time he had been here. It was a complex assortment of household appliances stacked neatly and held up by support beams. At one point he had called it the chaple of icons..

A place where you could find any of the products and posters that made society drool. Russel never stopped moving but looked up and down the walls of the cavern. Whoever had made this had been a genious with architecture and had craeted a mock shrine towards society.

He climbed a set of stares and made his way towards the opening on the other side of the hill. When he arrived however a stack of cars had blocked the opening.

Thats when he heard a splash and turned quickly to look back down the stairs. The creature was back outside and was making its way towards the cave..

"Dammit!!" He spoked the words under his breath and looked frantically around for another path. To his right there was a fridgerator and to his left just a wall of soda machines..

He was trapped.

. . .

He pressed his back against one of the cars blocking his way. This was it and everything would end. He felt the death creeping up the stairs and saw Del being shot down in the back of his mind.

His best friend standing there one moment and looking at him with his charismatic expression. The next moment his brains had been sprayed all over wall and..

DEEL!!!!! He screamd and smashed his hand against the fridge which swung all the way open. Russel grabbed the sides of his head and tired pulling himself together.

He took a deep breath and peered down the stairs frantically. He held his hands to his head and thought desperate for a solution.

Thats when he say the opening. Inside the fridge was a path that lead upwards. He shook his head and looked down at his stomach then looked up at the fridge.

"Youve got to be fripping jokeing me.." He stood up quickly and crawled his way into the plastic interior which was spotless. Once he squeezed through he set himself at a run full speed.

. . .

The tunnel had been perfectly set with microwaves and mirrors. When he came into the light he was outside and stareing into a small valley. Down at the base of the vally was british cheiftain tank from WWII. How it arrived here he couldnt guess. He started making his way down the sides of the small valley.

Teh valley was filled with small strange looking china dolls and mirrors that faced to the center. Fake gold watches and little trinkets made the entire valley shine in an eerie way.

He fell forwards in exhaustion and leaned up against sphere of metal. He looked carefully at his reflection and turned to the right.

AHHH!! He dove forward and tried his hardest to keep his feet in balance. the creature was standing at top of the vally. Its pale skin and long spindly arms where held to its sides.

Its jaws quickly chattered giving off a high pitched clicking sound. When it saw Russel dive it dove forward sliding down the side of the hill and crushing the eyes of every china doll it came in contact with.

Russel slid down the hill and pressed himself up against the cold metal of the tank.

It seemed like an eternity but he finnally made his way up and over to the hatch. The hatch was closed.

He set his hand over the latch but it wouldnt budge. He tried again and still nothing.

With severity he looked up the side of the hill and to his suprise the creature was gone. He looked to the left and to the right. Only meeting the eyes of the thousands of little fake people which surrounded him.

He tried one last time and the hatch gave way. He stopped for a moment stareing at the opening. Slowly he brought his gaze upwards and there it was. The eyes of the creature peeking over the side of the tank. Narrowed and cold.

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Chapter 12: Crumble and Feel Good

Hundreds of hours would pass day after day and D couldnt stand it anymore. Eventually the story came out and he could barely contain himself. However the little brown haird child was relentless and made him tell the story over and over again.

He was dizzy and felt like throwing up again after all this shiite..
How many times had he told this story? How many times more would he have to explain. He had been forced to tell the events involving noodle until he couldnt bare to speak of them again. Yet, he had done it for the sake of not being tortured

Muds was still out cold and they where being led away from the small room in which they had spent hours within. Somthing was different this time however for the boy wasnt sending them back to their cells.

The words echoed in the back of D's mind.

" I think you'll like where we are sending the two of you. Its a little company ment for pleasure which is very fortunate for you. After all you will feel alot better."

And with that the child bagan to giggle. He kept laughing and the laughter never stopped once.

Muds was being dragged by his hands and they where being led down a long hallway. Then at the end of the hallway was a flight of stairs. A young girl was leading the way but her face was covered and he couldnt get a glimpse.

The gaurd pulled muds along slamming his head intentionally into the side wall every three feet till they reached the stairs. Then they followed up the stairs until they hit a small landing.

A man was standing there at the landing. His teeth where jagged and his face an waxy shade of yellow. If it had been the light above him or his real visage D didnt know.

"Well we cant them knowing where they'll be going eh?" The man sneered and nodded. The girl turned around and punched D right in the forehead. It felt as if his skull had been broken in two.

The last words he heard before loseing his snese of time and space where...

"Sallright... you'll be having some fun tonight..."

. . .

He woke up again and looked to his side. His crotch was hurting him like mad and he felt like throwing up again... He had been here for..
He couldnt remember now how long it had been.
The Feel Good Corporation.
He had been forced to take many different appealing drugs and to highten his sense of awareness.

Sex was common place and almost by the hour for the most part. It was a living breathing hell on earth and yet he was hooked on it.
There where no gaurds and all doors where open to the outside. Although it took forever to get down and out of the tower it wasnt impossible to leave.

However, with the distance to the outsidelong and the amount of mental/ physical/spiritual enhacement, so it was impossible to leave. He had even tried five times to escape, but everytime he tried the place hauled him right back into it.

Carefully he slid out of the bed and dressed himself as best he could. He was hurting so badly and ached all over with whatever had been done to him.

Slowly he pushed open the doors into the main room and sat slowly back into his chair. Hundreds of people where.. laughing quietly in their dark corners. Playing their sick and twisted games. D felt like these people where animals and he had become one of them...

Muds had risen to the occasion and pleasured himself day after day. Practiced his music and had his way with the wemon when he wished. Even when they first arrived he seemed to have lost his senses. Muds was having his fun and he felt like a god. A god of pleasure.

He looked over at the window and felt an yearning to look outside. He felt trapped. Slowly with his left hand he brought an digusting old megaphone to his lips. People didnt listen to him when he used his regular voice. In feel good it was the way of things to find a method in the madness.

People would just lay around in heaps and it took alot of effort getting around the place. With many failed attempts he finnally made his way over to teh window and set the megaphone down.

He pressed his hands to the window and began to stare out the window. It was so beautiful outside of the window. The clouds where almost golden and the wind moved things lazily across the horizon.

He breathed in and shut his eyes to hold back tears that would never come.

Then he saw it...

. . .

He pressed himself up to the glass and looked out into the clouded world beyond. It was like an angel..

I seemed to float across the horizon in peace and so gentle on the breeze. He choked on the vision and tried to breath in the air that he could only imagine was out there. All he got was the stale air inside of feel good inc.

He slapped his hand hard against teh window as the object moved closer to the tower. It was an island within the sky and it was like a dream he had always dreamed.

There she was just sitting there on the edge of the island. She was playing her guitar and smileing while her hair moved with the wind.

Then he felt what he feared would happen. He knew deep down that he was still deep within the sway of the drugs he had been given. The music was deep and hypnotic.

He looked across the way and saw Russel playing on his drum set. How had Russel gotten here? "No.." he looked over again.. "No he isnt here.."
Just an illusion within his mind or maybe a ghost. Russel might be there one day becuase the children had said they would find him or he might be dead.

He shook his hand and looked over at muds and felt himself falling to the music of Feel Good inc. Hundreds of screens where set with the music and D was falling deep into the good feeling.

"No please no!" He turned to the window and watched the floating island pass. He knew that girl. He knew that freedom. He was glad for her freedom and yearned for it as well.

It was leaving and passing through the clouds. He slapped his hand and pressed himself against the window wishing he could cry. His fingers scratched at the window but he had no nail. Was this a dream or an illusion as well?

NOOOO!!! He thought deep in the back of his mind.. nooo..
He was slipping and falling away as one tear rolled down his cheek. noo noodle noo...

Feel good.. the music brought him deep into it.
Feel good... the music had him.
Feel good.... and he felt much better.

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Chapter 13. Russel Chapter 13: Russel

Russel didnt dare look away for one moment. He stared back at the creature and around the valley. Those china dolls where sending chills up his spine and this disgusting thing was clicking its jaws.

It knew very well that it had him cornered and that he couldnt move fast enough. The core of this being could see how weak Russel was in his state, for the fact that he had spent himself on the last run in.

The creature slowly moved forward without care and pawed at the ground. It was letting Russel know that this was the end and that the process would be long. A painful long expereince which would end with posession.

Russel looked down at the hole and back upwards. The clicking jaws moved steadily together, so filling the air with a razor sharp death hymn spelling out his end. Its was obivious that the creature was taking its sweet time to get to him and came up right in front of him.

It stuck its face over the hole and chattered its jaws carefully. It stuck its long tounge out and brought it very close to Russels face...

He cringed and clinched his jaw tight in anger. What a Mother Fucktard. It was going to take him down into the tank and rip away his flesh..
Piece by piece.

He looked over at his left hand and his fist was still around the hatch..

He looked at the creature carefully and gave him a simple look which spelled out.
Eat great and die.

With his one hand he threw the hatch directly on top of the creatures head and the creatures upper body was crushed instantly.

It wouldnt be dead but it was another window of opertunity. He brought the hatch back up and hauled the creature off the side of the tank. It took alot of effort becuase it was part way in the hole. However, once he threw the thing to the ground he turned and crawled into the hole.

He felt for the inside handle with his right hand and brought the hatch downwards to close off the outside world.

The creature was already up and over the side of the tanktowards the hatch. Dam this thing just dosnt die. It had only been a matter of moments.

The beast dove into the air with its arms spread wide and was going directly towards Russels head.

. . .

He almost crushed his hand under the thick metal of the tank. With his other hand he sealed the opening and let himself fall to the floor out of breath.

He shut his eyes and didnt care anymore. With little effort he was fast asleep...

. . .

When he came to the world was quiet and unnatural. His body was sore and he was disoriented with where he was. It wasnt bright inside of the area surrounding him but he could see well enough.

He was inside of the tank but something was weird about this tank. It wasnt a tank on the inside. It was a room.

He looked up towards the hatch and realized that it had been a longer fall than he had realized. The tank was a cover for a hidden room. He looked over to his left and saw a ladder.

Next to the ladder was a light switch and he lifted himself just enough to turn the switch on.

The whole room came forth to him in one blink of the eye. It was a simple cube in its architectural setup but it was the contents of the room that made him smile.

The room was covered in pictures and plans. It was a complete replica of Noodles Room. ATleast in the object which wehre set about. He stood up carefully and examined the pieces of paper. He felt dizzy and would have to sit down quite soon, but the pictures where too amazing to look away from.

They where structural plans for the windmill island in both Japanese and in some other language he couldnt even guess. It looked strangely symbol based.

They where wonderful and he smiled at how he had seen her float away on the very thing she designed. It was the flying windmill within the sky.

He felt dizzy and sat down on the ground. Food and water where his next worry and he looked around the room. Sure enough after many moments of steadying himself he found a large storage of water and emergency food kits. "That girl plans dosnt she.."

He looked around for a place to sleep and searced carfully through her stuff making sure he didnt mess anything up.

He found a spare matress underneath her bed and in moments after having set it up in the middle of floor, fell fast asleep.

. . .

It didnt seem too long..
He was living as good as he could. He tried and tried to keep his mind off of the past and to the future but it was difficult.

The time he had spent in this room was unmarked. He did not know how long he had been down here within the replicated room.

He drank some more of the water and looked at the pictures in front of him. Noodle had been at this for many years and hadnt even given one shread of evidence that she had been working.

A sound filled the room and sunlight filtered down from the hatch.

. . .

It was larger than before as it crawled down the ladder and its claws where bending the metal with each step. The eyes where now a deep bright shade of red which filled the room with a pure hatred.

This thing jumped foward and landed on the ground like the carnivore it was. It was on all fours ripping the carpet up with its claws. Without hesitation it leapt into the air and landed on his chest digging its claws deep into his skin.

The teeth came very close to his eyes and its chattering was louder than it had ever been. Its eyes looked into his and so it began to enter into his soul. The thoughts came flowing through his mind. Russel was grabbing at the bits of himself he could. Yet, what could he do to this thing?

He didnt have the strength to beat this thing with his hands..
Deep within himself he reached for his love for music and his love for his family. He felt the creature closing further in and he couldnt allow this to happen.

He reached for the band he was a part of and his love for his band mates. Cept for muds but.. no just kidding mudsy he laughed for a moment. He saw noodle and 2D and wished they where here with him.

Still the creature was almost all the way into his soul. He reached still deeper and found his family and how his mother had supported him into his dreams. His dream to make the music he was now making.

Then the invading force stopped and found itself at a wall. He took the moment and forced the creature outwards with his entire essence of spirit.

He found himself winning against the creature and then he opened his eyes.

The monstrosity was smaller now and his hands where around its neck. It was dieing this time becuase he could kill it with his own spirit. He threw it to the wall and kept concentrating until it began to fade away.

He smiled as it writhed in pain and faded away forever.

He turned and felt the needle go through the side of his neck.

His head felt dizzy for a moment and then he blinked a couple of times.

A young child was giggling and laughing at him. He fell forward into a vast long sleep, where he played the drums for 2D, in a place called feel good

. . .

He was easy to track.

Just over some piles of rubbish and through a silly looking cave made of microwaves.
Whoever made this must of been a poo head!!! If I ever find that person Im going to cut their throat and use their eyes as marbles.

She was sent out from the rest of the children to keep a close eye on the one they called Russel. She waited many days upon days in her little sun dress for him to run out of options.

She was small and about 5 years of age. She had once been the
top pick for being the next leader... and then she came along.

Number 23 was the best of them. She was even the second childs rival. The second child was the leader. "My number is 4 and im the best..." The little girl was talking to the rubbish around her.

She had light brown hair and auburn eyes. She seemed such a normal little girl but it was her smile that gave her away. A cold smile.

This tiny child was sitting up on top of the valley and playing with one of the china dolls. She pulled out the dart gun and watched as the creature pryed open the top of the tank to attack Russel. The needle was loaded and taking Russel back to feel good would be easy. She just was enjoying the pain and the waiting game.

She walked down to the tank and waited for the creature to die by russels hands. Ohh how dull the mission had been...

She decided it was time to collect and aimed the gun at the side of Russels neck. She giggled alittle and watched as Russel fell.
"Ok that was much more fun to watch.... much more fun..."

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Chapter 14: Someone

It was tough hike throughout the day but he knew the sun would be setting in a couple of hours. It was extreamly cold in this part of the country.

The man was young with brown hair. He wore a black sweater and a black jacket to cover that. Although he was swealering under the garmets they kept him from the bitter wind which filled the valley.

"Good god its cold out here.. I must be bloody stupid for going on such a hike..." He muttered the last part with nothing short of a whisper and looked to his right.

The path was narrow in this part of the stone canyon but soon it would open up. Every so often he would looked severe to the left or right at an unseen monster which was just a dark outcropping. He marched forward and stretched his arms wide. A small feather dropped to the ground from his pocket but he did not look back.

Carefully he reached the an extreamly narrow portion of the canyon and turned sideways through the rock formation. Carefully he squeezed through the gap and with some effort found himself upon the other side.

Taking a small drink from his flask he leaned sideways on a stretch of rock and looked along the wall of the canyon. He took two steps forward and stopped short.

The flask was on the ground before he knew what he was looking at. It was a pile of Rubble. A mass of dirt and materials which had been burnt to a finite crisp. On the outskirts of the Rubble he could see a giant fanshaped device... It looked strangely like a windmill. A broken battered windmill..

"What the hell is this?" He took a couple of steps forward and stopped again. Somthing was moving amongst the ashes.

. . .

He narrowed his eyes and pulled out a knife. Somthing was sitting there amongst the Rubble. He took a small step forward and it stood strait up.

He took a step back and dropped the knife in his hand. It was a girl with the deepest black hair he had ever seen. She was dressed in some sort of black material.

She stood looking away from him and he froze in place. He didnt know why he felt this way but he was engulfed in an intense awe and fear.

With a grace he had never seen before in his life the girl turned and looked at him. Her eyes where a deep shade of green and they gave off a depth of wisdom beyond her years.

She looked to be only around the age of 13 or fourteen years of age. He couldnt tell. He was too scared to move a muscle as she began to walk towards him.

The child if he dared think her a child was most deffinatly from japan. There was somthing about the way she looked at him that tore into his soul. He took one step back but couldnt regain control of his body.

She was advancing on him with calm quick steps and a strange smile on the edge of her face.

In a matter of moments she was right in front of him. Her eyes looked sharply up into his unwavering. From her mouth came a quick amazingly beautiful string of words that he did not understand. She tilted her head and her eyes narrowed.

Her eyes felt like fire and a deep sense of vengence flowed from them. Though she was small he knew that she could kill him at any moment. Her black robes flowed in the wind and whispered things he wished not to hear.

She simply walked toward him and then was right next to him. Her eyes never straying from his position. The canyon walls seemed to pulse under her steps and he trembled. Where had he seen this girl before? He dared not shake his head, nor lose concentration. Holy shiite. He thought. It cant be..

With a smirk she quickened her walking pace and casually made her way towards the narrow gap in the canyon. Within moments she was through the gap, so out of his sight.

Collapsing in a heap he fell to the ground and checked his pants which where wet. Shrugging this off he let out a sigh and looked up at the sky. "Good god.." He set his hand carefully into his pocket and pulled a small sphere shaped lighter into his left hand. "Whos gonna believe this shiite?

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Chapter 15: Rise

The canyon was quiet. Not a soul rested within it for many days.

The windmill was completely destroyed. The old dream of finding the homeland was also destroyed. Days passed and nothing seemed alive in the canyon.

The clouds seemed to weep for her death and rained down upon the ashes.

The silence was almost unbearable.

Then the ground moved slightly next a boulder and ash was thrown into the air. The earth shook slightly and rocks began to fall. The entire canyon began to tremble with battered windmill at its epicenter.

It was as if fire had erupted from the small area even though no flame could be seen. The heat pulsed outwards in waves upon waves.

She opened her eyes. Her cloths where tattered to almost small shreads but as she lifted herself out of the Rubble they became long flowing robes. She was alive.

"I am not a number."

She spoke these words in her traditional japanese, for at this moments she could not remember anything else. Placeing her feet to the side she stood for many moments stareing at her surrounding.

It was literally hours of standing there before she moved. Then she thought of what she must do. She was noodle and not number 23. The power within her was alive and therefore she would need to go to feel good inc. and save her family. D, Muds and Russel where in feel good inc. Somhow she would go there and save them all.

They had saved her and she would return the love she had been given. The 22 other children had already been activated by the song Kids with guns . She was sure by this time it had already happened. They would all sit and wait till the right moment to strike at the world.

She would stop them. If she had enough time..

A sound came from behind her and she turned around. A man was standing there with a look of fear on his face. He was holding a knife but he didnt look dangerous. He had a black jacket on, black pants and hiking boots.

She walked up to him and tried speaking to him.

"Who are you and might I ask what country I am located?" She spoke these as calmly as possible, but the man didnt move an inch.

"My name is noodle. Ermm.. Im sorry I dont think you understand." She narrowed her eyes at him in frustration and walked right past him.

Somtimes people where silly but she didnt mind. She had to move quickly.
There was no time.

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Chapter 16: The Morning of Vengence

Murdoc could hear himself breathing hard into the ear of the women he was with. He looked around his room and felt lost once again. When he had been at the gates to Kong Studio, so he had also been at both the gates to hell and heaven. Now he was lost in the pleasure of the moment.

He was lost in his own fantasy and had forgotten what the earth had been like. In feel good tower you could have whatever you wanted. It was a pleasure filled heaven on earth.

The bed was comfortable and he sat back in bed looking around with glazed eyes. What was different about today in this place than in the past month.

He jerked up in bed and began to breath very hard. Something was wrong and the feeling began to grow at the back of his brain. What was this feeling inside. It was like an overpowering force that weighed down on his very mind.

The sun was coming up and would rise over the distant mountains. It was a morning that was already twisting itself in the direction of insanity, but a new insanity. He slid his pants on and took some steps toward his window.
He knew what it was now. It was a stench of somthing only he could smell, yet he was excited by its mounting prescence.

. . .

Four children where now missing from the Ranks of the original 23. One of them had been noodle, but he was the reason for her decommission. The small boy looked over the papers carefully.

The other three had been killed by murdoc. Their numbers where 18, 16 and 12. It wasnt a problem. They where weak soldeirs which is why they where sent on the misson in the first place. Murdoc had been captured with Stuart and they where now in feel good.

This left 19 children with much greater power than anyone would care to fathom. Seventeen of the children where now placed carefully around the world and in activation mode. The song kids with guns had been the activation signal. They had kept the children asleep for a child that is unaware of its purpose is all the more deadly.

He tapped his fingers on the desk slowly. Two of the 19 children where watching over the captives in the tower along with 50 other highly trained gaurds and feel goods owner. That man was a slimey gross man who had his ways of dealing with people like murdoc. All of these methods where to detain murdoc but murdoc didnt seem a threat.

The little green eyed boy looked at his own paperwork. He was the 2nd child. The first child was in the basement under lock and key. That child was the last course of action. That child would not be let loose until the very end.

The experiment was originally controlled by a group of scientists and the large group of world leaders. However, funding came down the wayside slowly grinding the project to a halt. They where trying to modify children in order to make them the perfect killing machine. It was working and alittle too well.

He was the second child and took over the entire organization with the help of all 23 children combined. His greatest two weapons where the first child and number 23.

HOwever, the plan didnt stop at taking over the organization. Eighteen of the original twenty three decided that it was time for the world to pay its debt to them, so the designed a plan to destroy the world.

Number 23 had resisted to his suprise and so she had been tortured into submission. She would be sent to a specific country where she would write a song in order to activate the other children.

He shook his head remembering how she had cried out for her mother while being tortured so brutally. To his suprise he had liked number 23 alot more than the other children, but she had been in the way and he would have looked weak to the other children. He shook his head again.

Tonight the children would take over. He looked out at the window and saw the sun rise.

. . .

The gaurd sat back and looked around the street of the city. It was calm here in the morning. "I hate the morning." He spoke quietly and looked upwards at the tower.

He set his gun into his lap and set a cigar into his mouth. Once long ago he had been brought into the service of the children. A life sentece of death had been given to him after having abused, raped, and murdered five innocent wemon of their lives. The last had been the most satisfying.
She had had a yong son withher whom he had made watch. The son had been traumitized and ended up killing himself in the process.

The gaurd laughed queitly and cut the end of the cigar off of the end. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a box of matches. Hebrought the tip of one match to the side of the box and brought the fire up towards the end of the cigar.

Cheating his way throug the system brought him a strong life at feel good. He laughed again as he almost had the flames to the end. Setting his focus past the end of the cigar there stood a young girl.

Long sleek robes billowed in the wind around the child and he lowerd the match from the end of the cigar. "What you looking at you bloody bitch!!" He almost dropped the cigar from his mouth.

The girl took a step forward never speaking one word to him. Her eyes where a wonderful shade of green and her skin was very fair.

His right hand began to shake as he looke foward into her eyes. The girl never strayed her eyes for one moment but continued to advance upon him.

Swallowing hard he brought his hands down to the gun and cocked the gun deaftly. He brought the barrel of the gun directly toward the girl.

Through the crosshairs he could see her advancing, but she did not stop nor waver. She kept advancing upon him until she was almost four inches from the barrel of the rifle.

He smiled at the girl and slowly put his finger around the trigger of the gun She looked into his eyes one moment as if to tell him no and he lifted his finger for one moment. He blinked once and put his finger on the trigger to shoot her.

With one blink of his eyelids she had one hand on the end of the rifle and was bending the metal towards the sky. Her other hand was already fast around his neck and with one turn he could feel the muscle snapping with his vertebrae.

. . .

She could feel his body sag under her grip and she closed her eyes. Her stomach was hurting but she could see what kind of person he had been. It was in his eyes.

There was a small click and noodle lunged forward just as a bullet passed the back of her skull. Quickly she dropped the dead mans grip and with the other hand brought the brutalized gun to her side.

A man was standing at the gateway to feel good inc. holding the same style of Rifle.

The second gaurd looked at her with wide eyes and knew he was too late. With the length of the rifle she broght it upwards and into the bridge of his nose which exploded into a bloody mess.

He let out a full clip in the oposite direction and fell to the ground incapacitated. Darting forward into the gateway, with her light form, she opened her arms and climbed a small flight of stairs. The black robes still billowed in the air covering her bare feet.

She opened a small side door and found herself face to face with 20 gaurds.

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Chapter 17:The Tower

It was dark outside and the clock wasnt working. D picked the clock up from the nightstand and threw the clock across the room.
Pressing his hand down into the sheets he sat up in bed rubbing his eyes.

Why was he wake? He looked towards the room door and heard somthing break. The sounds where growing louder and he set his legs over the edge of the bed.

Somthing was outside of his door. He looked out over the city and saw the cars roll by. "I must still be here in the tower.."

He set a dirty grey shirt over his head and slipped his feet into his very own pair of dirty boots. Wtih one quick motion D stopped short of twisting the handle on the door. Once again somthing was thrown up against the door. Swallowing once D took several deep droughts of air and opened to door.

A chair came flying through the air over his head and into the wall behind him. He shook his head once and found himself at a loss for words at the person in front of him.

. . .

One of the gaurds turned his head and instantly brought the gun to his side. Noodle ran at him with as much force as possible kicking him directly in the temple.

The man screamed for once moment and let loose a volley of bullets from the Ak47 which sliced into another man sitting next to him. His brains where sent all over the wall and to another gaurd who was eating a penut butter and jelly sanwhich.

With as much force as possible she threw herself to the wall and kicked off flying over that guard. Coming to his senses he tried grabbing at her ankle but she was too quick and he still had the sanwhich in his hand.

The room was quite large indeed, but not in height. She Felt the splinters of wood pass over her robe which covered her legs. The wall exploded in a volley of gunfire killing the man who had been eating just three seconds before.

Landing on the other side of the man, who's blood was now spilling all over the lunch table, she ran for the door on the other side of the room.

There where too many gaurds but she didnt want to kill any of them. She dove under a table and felt more bullets rip the side of her robe.

Getting her feet secure Noodle felt a hand reach around her arm. Noodle looked towards movement and found herself face to face with yet another of the advancing force. One woman brought the barrel of a gun up to her sholder and let off a round. The gun barely missed the side of noodles head but she Kicked off into the air flipping over the assailant. With one movement of her hand she brought her fist across the womens esophagus. The gaurd was instantly dead and noodle ran for the door.

There in front of the door stood a woman with a long bladed sword. It was a katana.

. . .

The women threw out her hand and smiled at noodle. This was no women after all.. On closer inspection it was merely a girl. Her eyes gave her away. This was one of the children. Her hair was a deep shade of red and seemed to float in the air.

She seemed more matrue than the children ought to be. Her eyes where that strange shade which matched noodles. The katana was held loose in the girls hand.

"It saddens me that you do not understand why all this has happened," the girl spoke this in latin, " for we are the future."

The sword came down jsut left of noodles right pinky, but she threw herself to the side and into the arms of a waiting gaurd. The sword went through a table and glass went flying through the air.

Pressing her hand deep into the mans stomach he fell forward blood spilling out his nose. Noodle shot forward and opened the door at the end of the room. When the door was open she dove to the side missing the spray of bullets once again.

With her back foot she kicked the door shut and rolled to her knees. She was at the foot of some very long stairs.

In once quick breathless motion the door behind her flew open and the young sword weilding girl had arrived. The sword was almost at noodles throat but she was up on her feet and running up the stairs.

The glass from a nearby window burst into a rain refracted light. Bullets where flying over her head and she fell forward at the impact of one.

. . .

She felt the sword go throudgh the bottom of her robes but once again her skills where paying off. She rolled forward and was on her feet.

Noodle was off and running up the stairs in wide circles with the other girl not feet behind her. The gaurds where now far behind them as the made their way up the staircase.

It was a massive path towards the sky with doors on every side of them. The other girl was slowly gaining on noodle at a suprising pace. Noodle dodged yet another dangerous swing on the sword and came crashing through a side door.

They where in a room with many people sitting in corners. Four people where sitting in a corner laughing as they poked eachother with small steak knifes. They where obviously not in control of their minds.

The girl with the sword kicked forward and sent noodle onto her stomach.
Her kick is like steel... noodle thought as she slid across the floor. The pain was unbearable and she clinched her teeth.

She looked down at the floor and knew the sword was trained to her back.
How have I survived this long only to be killed face down.

How did I survive the crash? The robes of her soul where now around her. Risen out of the ashes of fire I have come quietly to this place to save my family, but I raise fire into this place. This will not happen. She rolled to her side and felt the sword go into her side. The skin broke but the sword did not go through to the muscle. It was as if..

She sat up and looked the girl dead in the eyes. Their green eyes where matched but the fire in noodles eyes consumed the room in fury.
Noodle grabbed the sword with both hands in one motion the katana was out of her side and she twisted it with her bare hands. The sword was now on the floor and noodle kicked the girl square in the face.

Noodle looked at her side and saw alittle blood but the wound was minor. I should be mortally wounded but I am not. The girl went for the sword but noodle was too quick and had the katana safely in her hands.

As if in stop motion a smile came across her opponents face and a magnum was out within her hands. Noodle saw the tip of the girls fingers rest to the trigger of the gun. In one graceful motion the blade of the sword was up towards the sky. Blood spray went to the windows and over everyone in the room.

The gun fell to the floor and noodle stood there quietly for a couple of moments.

. . .

Then she heard a faint muffeled scream in the other room. She still wasnt over the shock of having killed her opponent nor any of the gaurds. They where forcing her to do unspeakable things..

She opened a door to her right and saw a man forceing a women to a wall. He was attempting to pleasure himself and she was obviously not a willing occupant of feel good inc.

With a slow grace and an unwavering power she walked across the room towards the pair. The man wasnt paying attention to his surroundings for he was too busy trying to pull the rest of his victums close down.

A cold fire burnt inside of noodles soul. She broght the blade across the mans back without a thought and watched as the man fell to the floor.

The women ran and came forward crying into noodles sholder. Noodle looked calmly down at the women and spoke gentle.

"Everything will be fine now. Stay here and you shall leave here free."

Noodle left the room and began her decent up the tower. The gaurds where coming. She would have to move fast.

She thought of the women and of all the death she was causeing. All the pain for all this pleasure. This was the end of here innocence but the beggining of somthing new and stronger.

"I want my family back."

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Chapter 18: One Last Dance in Heaven

D kept the handle of the door within his hand. In front of him was an ogrish man who in his left hand held a halberd.

Murdoc was stareing up at the man with a chair in his hand. What is he doing? In that instant muds threw the chair and slid to teh side the bass guitar just out of his reach.

There where no weapons and D didnt know why murdoc would attack the owner. He owned feel good tower.

"Now hold on!" D stepped out of the room and shook his head to the side. "This makes no sense you-

"Get out of the way!!" The ogrish man picked D up by his shirt and threw him to the wall yelling at the top of his lungs . "I'll dispose of you right after this ugly slime bag." He pointed down at muds and frowned.

"Why start a fight now?" D tried sitting up and fell back down the wall.

"Its because he knows somthing you git." Murdoc just looked up at the man with the bass guitar in his hand. "You know somthing!!!"

"Itll be too late by the time this is over. You too have gotten lost in the pleasure too long. YOu are mine to dispose of and I will not let this end her way." The man gripped the halberd and moved forward towards muds.

"Her way?" D looked puzzeled and around the room at the other people who still pleasured themselves.

"She's coming for you. Ive seen her on the security cameras." HE threw the halberd forward barely giving enough time for muds to react. The halberd blade came four inches from murdoc's nose.

The neck of the guitar was just under the blade stopping the halberd. This wouldnt be enough though. The man was too strong for murdoc.

D stood up and began pulling the halberd upwards but the man was too strong.

A small cough was heard in the corner at this moment and the three people stopped for a moment.

A small girl in a sun dress with green eyes was sitting in the corner. She was smiling.

It was the other gaurding child. The one who had captured russel. Now there was no hope for D or Muds. This girl could snap their necks in five seconds flat.

. . .

The little girl looked carefully at the tall man and her smile turned to a frown. "Why the fun did you not tell my superior? He is on his way as we speak. Just when he was needed to send out the signal to the other children. You screw things up by having me involved in this action. Why am I down here?" She pointed around the room.

"That girl is here!!! Dont you know that? That girl...." The man leaned the halberd back realeasing muds from the pressure.

The little girl looked quietly over at the owner of feel good with not alittle anger. "What does she look like?"

Looking over at the fourth child the owner quickly let his eyes wander, but failed to make contact.

The little girl stood as strait as a board and clinched her teeth. "That is not possible. Number 23 is dead. She is dead!!!!!"

A door across the room moved gentle in a breeze that shouldnt have been there.

Noodle was standing in the doorway. Her hair moving slightly in the breeze behind her.

. . .

Th litte girl in the flower sundress flinched just for a moment while the owner looked from noodle and back again.

"Kind wirst du in hohem Grade verwechselt. Ich soll zerstören du... " The little girl gritted her teeth and gave an evil grimace.

D was still holding onto the halberd and felt the owner move his hand. He was coming to his senses. With One thrust dowards murdoc was thrown forward and the bass guitar was broken in two. However, with the halberd went D sending him through the glass of the large window.

The window D had craved to escape from months ago was now looking like his death. Murdoc lay sprawled on the wall and shook his head to regain his strength unable to help D.

Noodle moved forward but felt the slice of blade fall to the ground.
Apparently the halberd could also transform into a blade morningstar.

She moved to the side stareing stone face at her opponent. The blade fell through the air and landed next to her running taught as it tore into the ground. Noodle was fast but he seemed just as much in control of his reflex.

The blade came flying past her head just chort of cleaving her head clean off her sholders. She reched the side of the wall and looked to her right.
Sundress girl was moving toward Murdoc and D her eyes a fire.

Noodle slid past the blade and almost tripped over the chain vaulting over a nude couple. The blade went through the wall into another roomand came back with equal force. Noodle turned and was about to run at the girl when she felt the chain wrap around her leg. It was gladly not the bladed portion of the chian but she felt her leg come out from under her.

The man began to pull at her and she felt her hands tighten around the sword. The man laughed and pulled a pistol in his other hand pointing the barrel of the smith and wesson at her head.

"Think i would allow for your fancy tricks?" He smiled with his yellow teeth and laughed as she struggled with the chain. The fourth child was almost to D and passed murdoc who couldnt stand up. The evil brat was going to throw D from feel good tower.

Noodle struggled again and she heard the voice of death again. The gun was fully loaded and the owner wouldn't miss. Not even she could dodge death in this way.

Noodle closed her eyes and heard the trigger pull back. The owner laughed for an instant and blood was sent all over the floor.

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Chapter 19: Falling

She felt the blood all over her forhead and felt it drip slowly down her brow. Then she opened her eyes and saw Russel standing there with his arms around the owners neck. In one single crush the owner was dead and Russel released his grip. The owner fell forward dead his body a lifeless bag of flesh.

The gun had missed her by only a couple of inches and a hole was in the wall across the room. Russel stared with his white eyes and blinked for a couple of moments.

Then without a word he slumped to the ground and sat still. Noodle let out a gasp but stopped when she heard the giggle of the sun dress girl.

"I cant believe he got through the sedative!!"The girl laughed and stood next to the window where D was still dangleing by his jacket. "He was stronge enough.... but thats all he has in him. He cant do anything else."
Russel just sat there looking blank up at the ceiling. It seemed he had used up all his energy to get out of bed and obviously he had crushed the owners head.

Noodle unwrapped her leg from the chain and stood. Murdoc was pressed up against the wall unable to help D. She was too far away to help him from where she was.

The little girl stopped laughing and looked at noodle. Her thought where unreadable. She reached over and picked murdoc up by the collar of his shirt. "You smell very bad. Go take a shower." She lifted him off his feet and turned toward the window.

It happened so quickly that Noodle was unable to react in time. Murdoc grabbed the girls wrist and punched her square in the nose.

The fourth child fell forward leaning out the window and grabbed onto a piece of metal. Murdoc had no grip but turned toward noodle and smiled with an evil grin and then for the first time he looked to cry.

However, murdoc threw his foot forward and kicked at the fourth's head. The girls grip was like the metal she held but like all metal can be broken. The piece came flying off and the girl screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell out into the sky. Falling from the tower of feel good inc.

Murdoc felt himself falling and closed his eyes as his feet left the ground.

And with that Murdoc fell with the fourth child out of feel good tower and into the open air. In a couple moments they where no longer visible beneath the clouds.

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Chapter 20: Child Die

Noodle ran foward and reached down with her hand the tears held back in her eyes. She tried to stay focused on what was happening, but she kept seeing the event of muds falling down and out into the sky.

No he isnt dead. He isnt dead...

She grabbed D's arm and brought him forward crying into his sholder. D sat there stunned and looked over at Russ who was no longer aware of his surroundings. Noodle stopped and looked up into D's eyes.

He had been told of her death and seen the pictures of the crash. They had tortured him with these facts. How was she alive? No he wouldnt question the fact that he had her safe and yet was just realizing that fat that muds was probably dead.

Across the room a door opened and two people walked within the doors.

One was a small boy with brown hair and the other figure looked like..
He was floored by the look of this person. His mouth dropped open and he started to shake.

. . .

The first child was a complete sucess or so they thought. It was skilled at taking down its opponent and its mind skills where sucessful. The one flaw prescribed to it was that it wanted a name.

The child refused to be called the first child. She was in complete chaos at every moment and yet could take down anyone she fought. Noodle had fought her and lost in her last weeks of training.

She was brutal to say the least and would crush your skull with the twitch of her fingers.

Noodle looked at her and then at the boy with brown hair.

"You really dont die do you?" The boy pulled out a small celluar device. He looked at his watch. "Almost time to send out the signal. The other children will move at once and will succeed at destroying the heads of state. You are a real bitch and I should have never taken you from your home. You know we destroyed your village because we knew that the people living there where special. " He grinned with sharp pointy teeth.

"We destroyed the mountain for we wanted you. We wanted the last of the living members to work for us. You're family and the whole village was burned alive!!!"He laughed and stuck his tounge out.

"Now you'll die by her hand. " He gestured at the young girl who's dark eyes told of somthing terrible.

. . .

The girl flew forward at an amazing pace and almost tore into the side of noodles head. She braced for an impact and felt her opponents rock hard fist press deeply into her stomach.

Noodle felt the burning desire to scream but held it back and moved away from yet another driveing fist.

They bagan a quick methodic fighting dance which noodle was already looseing. She dove under another kick only to find another fist deeply into her stomach.

The girl was beautiful and did not contain the same malice as the other children. She was fighting for herself and noodle could see the passion in her eyes.

Noodle felt the wall behind her and was pressed so hard into the wall she could not breath.

Deep in the back of noodles head she thought about her life. The things she had seen and heard. Her love for teh other ban mates. She felt like she was loseing but this wasnt true. She was fighting to turn away from the things she had been forced to do.

The first child brought her fingers outwards and began pressing them into noodles skin till blood began to drip.

No more dead planets where dreams cannot live. No more running. This time has finally come for I am not alone..

She felt her grip tighten and she pulled herself further into the girls grasp.
Noodle gave an unreadable grin and the first childs arm snap. Noodle kicked forward and sent her to the ground.

With one swift movement of noodles hands the first childs head was forced into the ground. The first trained child had been defeated and was now unconscious.

The axe princess stood and looked at her speaking softly. " I wont kill you. Im tired of fighting. "

Noodle barely had time to look away before she heard the gun go off. The first childs head exploded and noodle quickly turned away from the gore . The brown haired boy was holding a beretta.

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Chapter 21: To Betray

"You killed her!!" Tears began to flow freely from her eyes. "She wasnt like you and you knew that. You even kill your own kind?"

"Yes I do..." The boy smiled and brought the mobile phone up to his head. "AFter all.. I killed you and now its my turn to try again."

He pressed a button and waited for the number to call through. By his command the children where going to attack for without his voice they would do nothing.

He brought the gun foward and smiled one last time putting his fingeron the trigger.

"You will always be just a number.." He smiled and aimed right between noodles eyes.

One round was let off and noodle watched as he fell forward to the ground. Blood spewed forth out of his mouth and he fell to his knees. He dropped the phone and went grabbing for it again but he couldnt reach it. The 2nd child spit more bood out of his mouth and looked across the room.

D was standing there with the owners pistol. His eyes where cold and he didnt move a muscle. "It was for betterment.. dont you understand what they did to us... what they're doing to the world..." More blood fell from the kids mouth and started twitching.

"Im sorry..." He curled into a ball and watched D move towards him. D dropped the gun and walked across the room picking the phone up. The blue haired singer grasped the phone and threw it into the wall next to him

He began walking over to noodle and felt a bullet rip through his side.

. . .

Noodle ran forward and watched as D fell to the ground bleeding.

She brought her katana strait to her side and turned her eyes on the gunman. It was the 2nd child and he had yet another beretta in his hand.

Before he could move or speak she brought her sword across him. The gun was cut in half and so was the side of his face.

. . .

He was dead and she felt nothing at that moment for him. She dropped the katana and went over to D.

They had stopped the children from attacking the world and yet they had given everything.

Noodle went over to D and picked him up in her arms.

"NOOOO PLEASE DONT!!!!!!" She screamed as the blood flowed freely from his side. "You're not going to leave me D you're not doing this. I came back here to save you're sorry asses and you're not getting away that easy!! You hear me you stupid git!!!!!" The tears where falling on the sides of his face.

His breathing was slowing and noodle tried to stop the bleeding as best she could. He was dieing. After coming back from the dead she was loseing her loves.

She put pressure on the wound and kissed the side of his face.
His breathing stopped and she hugged him close but she felt his life slipping away.

These where the demon days and this felt like the end of the world. Even though the 23rd child, Russel, murdoc and D stopped the attack. Her world was falling around her agian. Just as the windmill was dead so even her dreams where dieing.

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Chapter 22: Change is like a thosand little deaths and the rebirth

D opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. They where back in kong studio. Was this a dream or was he dead? He looked around the room.

Noodle sat across the room reading manga and Russel was eating a sanwhich.

She looked up and smiled running across the room to hug him. He watched the sides of the room and watched noodle and russ. Where was murdoc? He thought to himself.

Am I dead? He looked around the room and felt himself smile.

Things like this can never die and did it matter if this was some dream. You make your dream. He looked up at noodle and saw how much older she looked. Her hair was a deep shade of black and her green eyes where bright.

. . .

Noodle sat back and watched D carefully. Muds was still missing and they couldn't even find his body.

The future was now here and she felt that muds would be back. His birthday was coming up and somehow she just knew it...

This was the future and the gorillaz would always be here. An idea and an inspiration.

" Everything has changed, but change makes us grow stronger. "

The end




Chapter: A twenty-third note

For all those that read the entire fanfiction. I am the sum of all these things and at some point in this story I am featured. Which is really strange to say, but if you contact me and understand my role in the story I may tell you who I really am. I just might if you explain it right. I mean everything and such. My name and etc......................

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