The Child will Rise(Book One)

Chapter 1. Fire

Chapter 2. Device

Chapter 3. Creature

Chapter 4. The Dreams

Chapter 5. Let's turn forever....

Chapter 6. The Invasion

Chapter 7. Mañana

The Child will Rise ( Book Two)
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Chapter 1: Fire

He had a shock of light blue hair, which contrasted with his eyes and on closer inspection seemed of black water. There where three men in the room, one of which sat across from him and the other adjacent to an empty seat. The figure moved his right hand towards the table and set a long slender knife in front of him.

“Tell me again.” A small whisper floated across the room, out of the darkness, which melted into the misery of the past. Somehow this voice remained soft in itself, but had a hidden undercurrent of filth. This reminded 2-D of his old boss.

“ You can’t expect the whole thing again?”

“YES I DO!” The whisper turned from melodic to vicious without a trace of what it used to be. “Being with what happened when we first arrived Stuart. I deserve to know. Where did it go and what was it doing before we arrived!” Silence swallowed up the room in one instant allowing for D to hear the clock outside the room. He had heard this clock everyday, for the past two weeks ticking in the background, so went the past two weeks question after question.

“Don't call her IT! Call her by her name! Her dam name is noodle for fun sake!” If he hadn’t been tied to the chair, so he would have strangled the child outright. The child leaned into the light and chuckled softly at D’s last words. The child giggled with a soft voice making a cascade of shivers shoot up Ds spine.

“IT is called number twenty three Stuart and you should have learned that by now. The creature you call noodle used to steal from the mess hall every chance it was given. I’m sure you gave her that name on account that she gave the name to you. Im sorry to say that even she dosnt believe in that name. It is a common trick associtated with most of them.” The child shifted its hand off the table and waited patiently for an answer.

. . .

“You want the whole story? Everything again as if I haven’t told the whole thing five times hence?
“Yes the whole story Stuart and do try and abridge the beginning. I have to get going in a couple of hours.” He seemed innocent at first glance being only a young nine-year-old boy with dark brown hair and a Grecian nose. However, the eyes where the thing that broke all first assumptions.

The eyes where a deep shade of green and held an unfathomed malice, which threatened death at every glance. These two eyes wished misery on D and had of course been the cause, for hours of torture. D felt his right arm now broken in two places and by this point he wasn’t sure if his foot was either. He looked down at his hand and across to the other man. Murdoc lay unconscious cattycorner to D, his mouth gagged and a slight smile on his face.

D glanced at muds face and thought, “it took them four guards, three cans of pepper spray, a Doberman pincher, and a partridge in a pair tree, to bring him down. Where the bloody hell does he store that dam energy? That’s probably what the last girl meant by Workhorse.”

Mud’s had been forced to one side of the cell while D was pressed up against the wall. D was only slightly surprised at the emotion which emanated from Murdoc. He had cared for Noodle, almost as if she where his younger sister,and when faced with the insult to her name, threats of what would be done to her, and general manhood size comments. Murdoc completely went insane. One guard had even lost a finger, which now lay nestled snug in between his left molar and tongue.

“I want you to get started NOW!!! You may begin with when you first arrived back at you’re studio after the last take of harry. I want to hear every detail again! I want to know when she started building it and how Russell managed to get her past us.” He pointed a small finger at the knife and began spinning it around counter clockwise.

“ I want to know what she told you...”

. . .

“Why can’t I shake this feeling?” She said quietly to the empty room and to the lifeless experiment. It began after the shoot was over while they where on the plane back to Essex. The ride was comfortable and smooth and not a single thing was wrong with the flight. Somewhere up there in the sky, while murdoc slept, and Russ tapped away at the seat, so a thought burst forth in her mind. This thought told her to.....KILLL But as soon as it entered her mind the thought was gone leaving her with a tension she had never felt before.

Dirty harry had been a successful shoot. As usual muds complained the entire time to James about his lack of presence in the video. Roots had been a good sport about the whole sand in arse situation and the children where well behaved. There was something about D that made working with him exciting and enjoyable. He made the children laugh and always offset the mood when it was hardest. Everyone seemed to think that the shoot went quite well and that the first three songs of the album had come off written without a hitch. Everyone seemed happy.

Except for me!! She thought as she ended the last move of her kata. She was dressed in a white Gee, with feet carefully placed together, in an ending stance. The Kata seemed to come from nowhere as if by pure natural skill and whenever she tried to remember it failed. The Kata was exerting and yet seemed to relax her whenever she performed, but for the fact that it an amazing amount of effort it was satisfying.

What was that today? I know you could have reached across the isle and choked that man today. He just kept snoring and went on for hours. When he was awake he seemed like a broken record and just went on and on about the band. But I’m normally so patient with fans and I’d never want to hurt anyone, including a person like him. There have been so many worse experiences and he wasn’t trying to be mean. God I almost couldnt control myself foran instant. Im scar-

There was a knock at her bedroom door which was abnormal for the time of day. Normally the boys didnt like intruding into her free space, so this was a bit off track.

“I’ll be right there!!” She changed into her white basketball shirt and pants. Closed the side door blinds to her experiment and opened the door to her room. To a strange suprise there was muds with a perplexed look on his face.

“Oy girly I umm...” Murdocs normal sturdy facade was now a puddle of emotion. He looked worried, so Noodle smiled and beckoned him into the room. Muds didnt move from his spot he just stood there his eyes searching for words. “ I just tought that somthing seemed alittle off when we arrived. I just wanted to make sure..”

“Its ok mudsy. Im fine.” She said this and hugged him around the waist making him hug her back. Normally Muds wasnt very good at affection but he knew when things where wrong.

“Now now I just came to see if you had any suggestions on the second song. Faceache couldnt figure it out so why not?”

Muds was of course lying out his arse, but it made her feel much better to know that he cared. After finishing his last sentence he sat in the hallway and pulled out some sheets of paper. Noodle closed her door behind her and sat next to him looking over the musical composition. It had a good beat in itself and a strong bass line, but somthing was missing from the song. She moved her eyes carfully down the sheet of paper and looked up at muds. The words starting forming in her head.

“ Kids with Guns.” She spoke the words fast as if they didnt come from her and muds eyes darted to the sheet of paper.

“Kids with guns kids with guns taking over they wont be long skeletonsajkl;sjerioahpsogtsoh.......

She was only 5 years old. Her mother held her hand while she walked through the market place.
They where happy together and so many people where around them.
It was like a sea of voices which flowed around her.
There was a large mountain in the distance that she couldnt take her gaze from, but when she finnally was able to look back she saw terror in her mothers face.
There where masked people all around them and she was ripped away.
Slowly she was forced into a metal bird which took her high into the sky above the mountain..
The metal bird took her far away from the mountain and for a long time it sat there in the distance..
Then the mountain was ingulfed in fire...
A fire that seemed to form a column....

“GOD DAMMIT!!!!!” She heard muds yell at the top of his lungs. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!” Muds was flat on his back shaking and the papers where all over the floor. He looked like he was having a seizure.

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Chapter Two: Device

"How interesting!!!" The kid sat foward again into the light of the room.
" Youve never gone into this much detail before Stuart!!!! Good Booy!!!" The kid chuckeled merrily to itself and clapped his hands.

This wasnt a new story to the child and everything up until this moment had been explained
"Ive said this already to you and you know bloody well that its going to be all the same."
"Not true not true!! I love this story D!!! You're so terrible with you're descriptions and details!! You cant even explain to me how IT works!!!!
Such a wounderful device!!!" The Kid sat back into the Darkness and D continued with his oration.

. . .

Russel was just about finished making his sandwich. It was a combination of; ham, blue cheese, a sliver of dried tomato, green pepper, pigs liver, and pepes extra hot chili sauce to make the whole thing work. Russ considered himself an artist when it came to sandwiches and often times he was forced to make things alittle more interesting. This was due to the fact that D could not cook for shiite.

Somthing about these sandwiches made Russ calm and collective. He used to cook all the time for Del and the people in his family, but things had changed and his idea of what good cooking was had been morphed and influenced. In alittle while he would go back and chill out with the set and maybe even tap out some of the rythms him and his good friend wrote.

Thats when he heard murdocs scream and almost bit halfway through his hand. At first he didnt react because murdoc was always ranting and ravign but this scream was very close to the kitchen entrance to the hall.
"Shut the hell up man!!!! Fripping cracker a$$ with nothing better to do then demons and shiit ." He took another bite of his sandwhich and everything went quiet again for one lonely minute.

"Secondary and first protocals have been initiated across the entire board. PLease note that total lock down sequence will occur in 10 mintues. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Three flashing red lights came on above the kitchen counter and two in the hall went off at the same moment. Russel dropped the sandwhich to the plate and ran out the kitchen door. As he tunred on his heel to head down the hall, towards the lobby, he felt his feet come out from under him.

He fell forward and threw his hands out in front of himself to soften the fall but was five seconds too slow and landed hard on his right arm. He rolled to his side and looked back at what he had fallen over. It was Murdoc and he was twitching like a madman.

Murdoc was spitting and foaming at the mouth and arching his hands backwards. A third red light went off down the hall and Russel pushed himself up on his feet and began running down the hall.

Russel had constructed a system disigned to keep intruders from getting into the house. It was a very strange idea indeed to build somthing which would trap you inside of a house, but it was a saftey precaution. It also wasnt finished and had been an experiment in this case, which was wired in two places. The first floor and the carpark. Infact the real reason Russel had constructed the security system was due to the carpark.

There was large hole in the carpark which lead down below the studio and russel didnt like it all. Infact he had even placed an metal door on the other side which once tripped would close the hole off on the other side.

Somthings down in the carpark

Russel reached down and threw the flailing murdoc over his sholder, then slammed his fist on the elevator button. The elevator took what seemed like forever although he never liked useing it.

Bing! The door opened and Russel threw Murdoc into the open doors and pressed the button for down. It seemed like another eternity of moments where the elevator buzzed and hummed while murdoc lay now silent on the floor.

Bing the door opened and russel hurled Murdoc over his sholder running out the elevator doors and turning right into the the carpark.

The carpark was very quiet indeed and full of shadows which blinked in and out of red existence. For a moment he thought he saw a pair of little red eyes staring out from behind a garbage can and he shivered sligtly. Russel slowly set Murdoc down on the ground and looked around for an object or somthing to slash with.
"Muds wake the fu<k up man," he said with not alittle tremor in his voice. He scanned the room again and picked up a piece of wood with a nail sticking out the back.

He stepped forward and looked around murdocs car which lay embbeded in the wall. Nothing was there and he turned his gaze towards his other side only to find the hole in the wall.

Somthing darted across the opening and russel felt the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. He knew nothing was there, but his senses had changed after the posession from del. Russ often saw things that people shouldnt never see in any waking moment.

The thing with long spindly fingers and a tounge that stretched outwards to the ground. It crawled very close to the ground and seemed to make a clicking sound with every breath. Russel picked one foot up and set it forward towards the creature, also holding his hand in front out in front of him.

"Right now lets do this you son of a bitch!!" Russel moved his other foot but before he moved an inch further the creature backed further into the hole and dissapeered over the edge of darkness.

Russel moved forward towards the hole and the seconds ticked by.
Two minutes to lock down sequence The voice over the intercom was soft and sweet while it dolled out the time.
"If only I had made the sequence alittle shorter. Son of a boar.."

Somthing shot out of the hole towards him and he felt as if his heart had just erupted out of his chest. A dark shadow was coming towards him and he almost yelled at the top of his lungs. He lifted the board over his head and waited for the moment of impact. He imagined the vile creature trying to bit at his neck and this made his heart race even more.

Indeed he felt somthing ram into his stomach before he was able to bring the nail down atop its head. After the initial blow to the stomach he fell backwards and thought for four moments that he was done for.

He lifted his head up slowly from the ground and came face to face with a soft cheek and purple hair.

It was noodle and the metal doors where shut.

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Chapter Three: Creature

Long ago there was a man who believed himself the possession of all things desirable. He took what he wanted from anyone who so happened to fall into his domain. he would take from wemon when they where unwilling and kill any man for not sharing thier wealth.

He desired nothing but pure unfiltered pleasure and hated all things pure and innocent. He tortured uncounted amounts of people and laughed at thier slow agonizing pain. In any way you can imagine he would make people suffer. The ways that we see a terror in the mental physical and immoral realm where not too hard for this man to utilize.

The man however was one day defeated by a young women who had been brutalized by him. He had left her beaten and violated in a dark corner of his fortress and had been carless not to have killed her outright.
She was a strong willed women and knew that she would be the one to finally kill such a terrible thing.

He stood motionless on the top of his fortress and looked down through its cavernous center, but little did he know that the women would bring a knife to his face and force him to his death.

Into the hole he fell and down into the depths of the fortess he was smashed to pieces.

His spirit was so vile that it lingered in the depths of the fortress for thousands of years. Craving the taste of a women and a chance to escape.

The fortress was demolished through time and another building was built many years later. Finally the building rested in the care of four people who knew very little about the deep past of the mountain itself...

Many strange things happened because of this dark past, for it was place of torture and darkness. Thus a vortex was born of it...
A votrex of both positive and negative energy...

The spirit had weighed its chances with each person. To possess one of them or to atleast feeed...
The first it had decided right away was untouchable for he had been damaged in such a way, where his mind was unable to be controlled by any spirit.
Secondly to this person was a man who was too self centered and too much in control of his own path to share a body.
Third was a young girl who had somthing unreachable about her...
The Fourth was the only available option.

It waited for many years on end until the vortex was aligned just right and around the years of the devil to open the chance to walk free...

Somthing had changed however in the creatures calculations. A door was made that could block its entree into the building. Also, the once thought untouchable young girl had changed drastically. What was the change?
The creature didnt know, but it was excited at the chance to endlessly torture the girl and devour the souls of the men...

It would wait. At the first chance that it could get it would kill all dreams ..................

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Chapter Four: The dreams

She now knew what was happening or atleast she knew part of what had happend. Her life and the place she was born in had been destoryed by a faceless foe. The toughts were coming back to her head quite rapidly in small bits and pieces. Twisted scenes flashed into her head of her childlike self being mentally drained and forced into a killing machine.

Somthing more terrifiying had happened to her that made her cringe but it was only a feeling in the back of her mind. A layer of her personality had been removed that dwelled next to some unspeakable energy. A destructive force that could not be held in check.

However this force was dimming in the back of her mind as if disconected from the rest of her mind and it was slowly dieing. It began to die the moment she saw her mother. The vision of her mother had signaled a relief from the destructive energy, but with that relief there was also fear.
Somthing wasnt as strong within her. It felt as if an electrical cord had been forced shut at the back of her head.

It almost seemed like hours of endless vison after vision and at one point she thought she saw murdoc dressed in his Nazi Getup..

Whats the hell was that...
The voice of murdoc floated through her thoughts and she found herself inside the elevator.
"Where am I going?" She spoke in such a wisper that only she could hear and if anyone had heard her speak it would have been in Japanese.
In japanese? She thought as the doors closed and the elevator moved downwards.
The elevator did not have any notifying bells or lights to indicate which floor you where at, so it was always a suprise to see the doors open.

The Carpark was quiet and lit with a couple of lights which where in need of repair. She found herself stepping forward into the carpark and realized at that moment the level of control she had over herself.

She had no control and a new painful sensation began to throb in her right ear.

She saw the hole in the wall and began resisting her own moments. The energy that had felt severed was still in some way connected to her thoughts. It was in conrtol of her actions, but she also felt a new sensation she had never known before.

She had never felt caged in all her years with the band so why was it that her mind felt alone but more free than at any moment before.

She tried resisting her own moments towards the hole and to her suprise she slowed herself down quite a bit. Now she was stepping up to the threshold of the hole and turned quickly to her right.

Strangely enough she was moving faster than she had anticipated, but her mind was precieaveing time in a different way. It seemed slower when it had only taken two minutes to get down to the hole.

On the wall was a large opening and she saw a small keypad which was strangly in

Many months ago Russel had showed her the workings of the system and the keycodes. She looked at the keypad and saw the thoughts forming in her actions. She was going disable the device and permantly fry the entire system. The security door would shut and be permenatly closed to access Not one person would know about it. It would happen without a sound.

NO this dosnt seem right. i cant do this!!! She fought desperatly for control of her feet as if grappeling with some terrible force. She almost felt herself lose complete control...

At the corner of her eye she thought she saw a flicker of light over the edge of the hole and she turned to look. It also so happened that at this very moment the distraction had given her control.
She looked through the hole with not alittle trepidation and decided that she would trip the system. By tripping the system she would then cut herself off from access which only Russel could retain.

She stepped through the hole.

. . .

D shook his head and pulled the headphones from his ears. He had been asleep, but somthing had stirred him and he decided that an investigation was in order

"Murdoc would you not do those sorts of things. I want my shut eye!!!" D opened the door to the car park and looked around. He looked over at muds bego which wasnt lit. " Musta been a rat or somthing, I hate when they wake me up."

D went back to his headphones and rested his head on the pillow.

. . .

I'm cut off from the force that had controlled me before. I am no longer dreaming of destruction. I remember.

Slowly she backed against the wall and sat there for several minutes.
Noodle was almost out of breath even though she hadnt done anything to overextend her strength.

Just a couple more seconds and-

Fear filled every pore of her soul. She couldnt see anything in front of her, but something was moving over the edge of the dropoff.

She kept herself perfectly still and listened with her exceptional ears. What was it? It sounded like somthing was crawling over towards her in the darkness.

Then she could hear its breath and somthing reached out towards her right leg. Had she known what it was she would have be mortified but at that moment she heard the sound of Russels voice on the other side of the hole.

"Right now lets do this you son of a bitch!!"

For a couple moments she couldnt hear anything , but she needed to get the hell out of there.
She heard the thing crawling over the side of the hole and decided it was time to act.
Quickly she forced her back legs behind her and kicked off with a running start.

Red lights where everywhere and she saw the shape of russel outlined by the winnabego. She wanted nothing more than to hug him and ran towards him.

Quite Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in the side of her head and everything went black.
. . .

Muds dreampt that he was being tortured by a man who kept calling him a little japanese whore...
In another dream he was dressed in his favorite Nazi costume and noodle was standing across the way. Then he dreampt that he was in noodles room and she was dancing around a strange robotic head..
It was a memory and he was sure this was one of noodle memories..
Right then the dream faded and he was lying in bed with his male partner
O how he loved him...
WHAT THE FU<K!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Murdoc woke up from his dream and couldnt catch his breath..
He heard voices outside of the bego

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Chapter Five:Lets turn forever....

"Alright I need rat traps. I need to get some rat traps cause I'm trying to sleep....."
D stood up and stretched both legs. Slowly he moved towards the door and opened it to peer outside.

There was the bego exactly where it was supposed to be with Murdoc lying on the ground, Russel holding a board with a nail and noodle with blood coming out of her-

BLOOD coming out of her head!!!

D ran faster than he ever could make himself run. He almost couldnt stop his own feet when he arrived on the scene and quickly bent down towards the bleeding girl and the very still Russel.

Russel had his eyes shut but looked unscathed..
Noodle had blood seeping from the side of her head making her soft purple hair damp, which was sticking to the side of her face.

He wasnt a doctor and nor did he have the know how to put pressure on the wound. Had he known that they had been on the ground for five minutes, she would have already passed away.

D put his hands on top of his head. Noone was breathing. Noone had a pulse. Everyone was dead.

"NO NOOOOOOO!! Im not a dam doctor." He leaned over the two them and rested one hand on Russels forhead and the other on noodles cheek.

"Please you're not dead. Your're not-

"Hey What you rambeling about?" Russel moved one arm and smiled a big toothy smile. "Shes breathing."

. . .

She took one breath and opened up her eyes to the blue sky. She had been there for a couple weeks recouperating from the wound on the side of her head. D waited there the entire time. Everyday checking up on her. He loved her very much and she could tell he was disstressed.

Russel had thrown all of his strength into the blow and had almost split her skull in two. However her body had been strengthened to withstand a multidude of things she had never gone through.

Murdoc was still in trance like coma and hadnt moved a muscle except for the slow steady breathing patterns.

She knew now the full truth of the past night and what she had done. Murdoc had shared several pieces of her mind, but not in a supernatural sense. Instead it had been a frequency of sound so high pitched taht only a certain type of mind could recieave it. Murdocs mind was complex enough to understnad the langage and thus she began to share too much of the sound.

She looked towards the door of her room.
I have to tell him.. but when?

. . .

Murdoc stumbeled out of the side door and looked up into the light above his bego. Ruseel was across the lot hunched over the small keypad near the hole. A metal door was tightly pressed up against the other side of the passsageway.

"Russseal you oveferouss piggly. Oyy wha ya doing?" Murdoc stumbeled out of the car door and onto to the pavement. He was still shaken by the dream he had been so unprepared to take part ing.

"Well i'll be damed!! You get enough sleep huh?" Russel stood up and set the keypad down. "Been alseep for a while now and kept talking to yourself like you where in a movie." He looked down at the keypad again.

"I'll have this thing reset in a couple of days. Funny you missed the whole thing, but I still cant get an answer out of that girl." Russel looked at the door. There was still somthing wrong with the whole situation. That thing that he had seen all those weeks ago wasnt alive. It was a spirit and only a human could trip the doors. Noodle had tripped the trap, but why? The creature couldnt pass through the doors and he had no idea of that reason either.

Actually though Russel didnt know it at the time. His possession had made him stronger and not weaker against spiritual foes. It also made him more likely to get attacked by somthing, but in the process of making the system, he had caused some sort of residual barrier.

Russel didnt want to open the doors. He decided at that moment to reset the doors but left the operating mechnaism open. One push of the button would open the doors and crossing the threshold would close them again.
Simple as that.

"Man you looking like one pale mofo. I think you need something to eat man cause you look like shitt."
"Yes yes sherlock I feel like a pile of pig dung. Hows bout we lob off a couple hundred pounds form your gut and have ourselfs a feast.
"You know at any other moment i would kick yo ass to kingdom come, but Imm treat you to my new recipe." Russel laughed and made his way to elevator door with murdoc hobbling behind him.

. . .

Days ran into months and skipped over the weeks. The four of them chatted about the inccident and the story was left to Russel imagination. She said she bad been drawn down to the carpark. Although she gave no reason as to why and this perplexed the three older men. Russel in the end, made the assumption that it had somehting to do with the spirit, and he loathed the idea of re opening the door. Even though alot of equipment was in the storage rooms below kong.

Murdoc immidiatly went back to his old habits and ignored the entire experience. He never mentioned the inccident again, for the fact that he tought too much about himself and was too concentrated with finishing the album.

D was not apart of the inccident and although he was worried about noodle he had no frame of reference to ask a question. All he kept seeing in his minds eye was the blood seeping out of her and that was hard enough as it was, for the fact that he was busy as all hell.

As the weeks ticked by, noodles involvement with the songs was apparent. She had written mostly everything on the tracklist making small comments here or there about dreams & refrences to her thoughts. Never did she once share where these thoughts came from and she spent a huge amount of time practicing in her room without talking to the other three.

Finally a couple weeks after dennis left the studio and months of working with the mixers. The album was ready for the final stretch and then release.

. . .

D sat infront of the large screen watching a couple of old concert clips. He always liked to sit there in the cinema and watch the older movies on screen.

The door opened on the right side of the cinema and someone stepped through the opening. It was noodle dressed in a brown long sleeved shirt and shorts. Somehow she always managed to be soo graceful nomatter what she was dressed like. She was dressed like this becuase jaime had been there that morning for a photo suite and this one was required for the back cover of the album.

She made her way down the rows of seats and sat one seat part from him. Quickly she reclined her legs up in fornt of her and smirked at him.
"Whacha doooing?" She always seemed to smile in a way that you couldnt read. D however knew this smile like the back of his hand. She wanted to talk.

"What silly me? Im watching a movie so watcha doing then eh?" He smiled back with his big toothy grin and let her take the situation.
"Ooh I umm I wwas just ummm ya know.." Her smile lessened slightly and her tone slowly changed form fun conversational to her more logical pattern of thought.

"You woouldnt ever stop being affectionate would you? If somone you knew had done somthing terrible." The frown had replaced the smile and her head was turned up towards the screen. D looked over at her face and saw the muscles tightening.

"Noods whats up girly? Why would you say somthing like that? You know that you can say whatever you want and if I get all huffy about it, you can jsut kick mi bum." This made the smile return but only slightly. She turned her head back to him and he could feel her eyes through the hair that covered thme.

"Do you rememner all those years ago when you found me in that box? You never found the reason why I was mailed to you or why I was soo good with the instruments?"
Silence. followed and she waited only a couple moments to continue with her thoughts.

"I couldnt remmeber for the longest time and then at some point or another while on the trip back from our first video shoot. Somthin happened."

"I dont know why it happened but I began to remember my past and I remembered my mother and the town I was born in. There where these people who came and took me away from her. They destroyed my home and brought me to a place which changed me forever."

"Somehow I still dont know what Ive done or what i'll do, but this place was designed to kill a part of my being. They programmed my mind and turned me into somthing terrible. Only until the carpark did I realize that I had been under the influence of those people." Noodle put her feet down on the ground and competely turned toward D. Her expression was unfathomable.

"I was made to destroy the world with thirteen other children. I dont know when it will happen or how it will happen."

D couldnt say anything. He as dumbstruck. He put his feet down on the ground and couldnt help but feel his feet go limp.

She was serious as all hell and when she was serious that meant that she was bloody fu<king serious.

"Now I have to show you somthing that I built. Not the robot head which youve seen already. Somthing else.
I dont want to lose you D. I want you to come with me right now. Its going to happen and I dont know what to do about it.
Let me show you the windmill. Lets go on forever and ever.."

He was completely confused as all hell and tried to process the entire conversation in his head.

At that moment four flashing red lights went off over the movie screen.

"O my god.. they've arrived..."

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Chapter Six: The invasion

Russel turned out into the hallway and leaned against the wall. Murdoc was making his way through the door and took a step over the threshold.

Everthing seemed to slow down in an instant and he held his finger over the elevator door button. Somthing was stareing at him from the other end of the hallway.

He turned quickly, startling Murdoc, but found nothing down the corridor. Nothing was at the other end and there where no places to hide. Russel heard Noodles voice emanate from the other side of the cinema walls and took a deep breath.

The emergency lights began to flash and Russel PIcked Murdoc up by his waist and ran down the hallway towards the cinema doors.
Murdoc yelled and struggeled to get out of his grasp calling him a list of profanitys unfit to describe.

Halfway down the hallway the cinema doors opened and 2D came stumbling out of the doors. .
Noodle was right behind D and from the look of her expression she was more than alittle freaked. Infact she looked terrified.

"No we have to get upstairs to the kitchen." Noodle spoke quickly almost as if she was speaking to herself. "Please Russel follow me!"

Russel didnt know what to think. The secruity system could only open by hand from the carpark. The only way to trip the system was to enter the outside of Kong.. outside.

A small sound came the end of the hallway opostie to the elevator and carpark.
The handle on the door at the end of the hallway was moving.
Russel ran at full speed with D and Noodle behind him and made thier way
To the carpark entrance.
O huge hole exploded in the wall next to Russels head and he dove to the ground.
Somthing at the end of the hallway was shooting at them.
"Fu<k!!!" Murdoc slipped out from Russels grasp and almost ran out into the hallway. He looked at the hole in the wall and a thought crossed his mind. He almost stood up and ran into the hallway. "This fu<king illegitemate offspring better not damage any of the shitting equipment or i'll tear out their dam livers!!!!!"

Russel looked into the carpark and turned to the other three.

"I dont think that theres and exit. The carpark garage door is too far away."
He had this horrible feeling inside. Like this was the end of somthing...
. . .

Part two: the invasion
D dove to the ground and put his hand over his head just in time to hear murdoc yell at the top of his lungs. Then Russel spoke and D looked into the carpark and then up at the ceiling.

"We could get to the elevator!! I have a way to get away from here D.." Noodle was on the ground her legs folded under her and an expression of great saddness on her face. "We just have to-

Everyone sat where they where and looked at the elevator.
The numbers where coming down.
D looked at noodle and then back at Russel.
"There isnt any way out of here besides the carpark and the elevator?"

From what D saw on Russels face and it seemed to say "yes" but in a very painful way. "The sealed door lead underground and to many exits around kong."

D thought for a moment and didnt say a word. He didnt know what to do and he was too rushed for time. A second explosion went off sending a shard of metal past D's Right earlobe. D covered his head and tried to think of a way. Anything would do at this moment.

He saw Noodle twitch and she spoke to the three of them with a quaver in her voice. "If we can get past the land fill we can get away from here. I know that if we can escape from the inside and to that place, things will be in balance." She spoke these last words alittle stronger.

D looked up and at the elevator door. A quick showever of bullets filled the hall. They would never make it to the hole in the carpark. Whoever was walking down the hallway would have them before they ever reached the entrance. D looked at Noodle and she was shaking badly. Her small body quaked with terror.

He hated that the strong girl he once knew was now falling apat. He loved her and cared for her more than any girl he had ever known. D reached into his boot and opened the end of the boot. He pulled out a six shooter.

"You umm better get to the hole before they get down the hallway. Whoever this is. I'll keep them off for a while."

Russel twitched his head and looked carfully back at him. Murdoc cracked a grin and Noodle stood motionless.

D stood up and looked at the four of them. He saw muds stand up who proceeded to reach into his pants and produced a huge eight inch knife.
Noodle just sat there and spoke quietly up at him
"O gawd your soo stupid!! I dont want you to do this!!!!!! I love you!!!"
She grasped D around the waist and sighed so deeply the world would have shook.

Then she let go and stepped back through the carpark doorway. He saw Russel smile and nod at the two of them. Then he saw Russel pick Noodle up on his sholder and they crossed the carpark to the hole.

D started singing a silly tune and stuck his foot out in the hallway. He heard somthing giggle.

He turned back toward the carpark and saw noodles head turn toward him again and he thought he saw a tear. Unless it was just the sparks from the bullets that hit the elevator again. When D looked back at Russel and noodle he saw the sealed door shutting.

And that was it... Noodle was gone...

. . .


Part three: down

Russel stood on top of the lift and looked down into the hole. The door was sealed shut behind him and he had disabled the mechanism. It would give thme plenty of time.

The hole was massive and seemed like a giant mouth in the earth. Wanting swallow them up. Russel took one step onto the drop lift and pressed down. The lifts two blue lights went off and the lift moved down into the hole.

Noodle took a deep breath and began to speak in a quiet tone. Whispering the story of what she knew into his ear.

"I was suppoed to sagotage the door to keep you trapped in kong and myself. I am a child that those people want to retrieave for either programming or deletion although I havnt done anything yet. I cant explain what this all means...." She paused and took a breath."I built somthing though and I have no idea how I did it or where I recieaved teh knowledge. We're going to it right now."

"Its ok nood's I knew somthing was up that night. You didnt betray us. You stepped through and you didnt do it by accident." Russel smiled up at her. "Im going to get you to it. I know the way to the landfill through these tunnels becuase I know the blueprints."

The lift started to slow and it was Russel turn to breath deeply. They had arrived at the bottom.

Somwhere around the corner down the hallway and through the boilerroom they could find an entrance to a tunnel that would lead to another lift that would take them to the landfill.

Somwhere down here... a thing was waiting for them...

. . .

Part 4: Through the dark

It was very quiet at the bottom of this world. He had been down here before and it hadnt been a pleasent experinece. although he had never seen the creature before he had sensed its malace with each trip to the storage compartment and the boiler room.

There was a doorway to his left which was too dark to see into and he kept far to the left wall. It was almost too dark to see the corner of the room but he manged to feel is way along the right wall until he could see the long hallway. Dimly lit by three lights at the end.

He could feel noodle inhale on his sholder and he decided to take a step forward. Slowly he began to walk down the hallway which seemed to stretch on forever and every four or fives steps he would listen into the darkness.

After what seemed like hours upon hours he finally reach the boiler room door and put his hand on the handle.

"Russel. I see eyes behind us." Noodle wispered in such a way that he felt the fear well up inside of him well before he heard the word see .

He turned very slowly and his gaze moved down the hallway into the darkness where he met a pair of white glowing eyes.

AFter a few seconds he could make out the form of a man who seemed to be shaking where he stood. A strange clicking sound filled the room and he put his hand on the door.

The thing bolted down the hallway at an incredible speed and was already two feet away from russel before he reacted.

It was a terrible face. A face which could peel the skin off somone by just its look.

Russel felt the room spin around him and then.. everything faded to black.

. . .

part 5. Beyond

She felt the creatures spindly fingers wrap around her neck and she knew what was going to happen.

It was like an emotion that could give off odor. A sick and twisted perversion of reality whcih was going to become her reality. She was disoriented in the darkness but she knew the thing was dragging her into the boiler room and down a flight of steps.

A dim light eminated from a hole in the ground which looked like molten fire.
She looked at the walls and saw words written on the walls. "Fire coming out of the monkeys head."

Suddenly she was tossed in the air and landed on her face in a pile of somthing that smelt of burnt flesh.

She felt weak but tried to turn herslef over but felt it push her headinto the ground.

Terror once again filled every facet of her mind and she knew what was going to happen... As it reached for...

NOOOOOOOOO!! She felt somthing well up inside of her. A surge of energy she had never felt before. With her left hand she grabbed the creatures wrist and was suprised that it was tanglible.

She kicked at the thing and it toppled away from her into the debris. She scrambled up off the ground and ran to a door next to the hole in the ground.

The door was locked. She tried prying it open but it wouldnt budge. The thing rose out of the debris not as a man but as the crawling thing again and made its way across the ground.

Two meters away and then one. It crawled slowly to her and without a doubt it would have its way with her when it arrived. She had no more energy left. It was all over. The thing stuck out one slimey hand and went to grasp at her left calf.

A hand in the darkness moved into the light and it was Russel. He had a hammer in his hand.

Vichiously he brought the hammer down upon the creatures head. he brought the hammer down onto the creatures skull and if it had been alive it would have parished on the first blow. It screamed at the pure force behind the weapon and knew that it stood no chance at possessing this man or recieaveing pleasure with the girl.

It backed into the fire and knew that it would have to give up or parish.

Russel threw the hammer onto the ground and picked noodle up into his arms.

He reached into his pocket and produced a key. Opened the door, passed through door and made his way down a long tunnel towards the landfill


. . .

Part. 6 Giggles

"So thats all you know then?" The child looked carfully at D his head set to one side.

"You went into the place for the vehicles and then she dissapeered into the hole?"

The shild narrowed it eyes and waited for an answer from D.

"You killed four!! Four of my best adult WG!! You're stupid friend over here managed to even cut open a few throats!!!"

D forced a large smile. He could tell the child was getting mad at him.

"YOU KNOW WHERE SHES GOING!!!!" The child picked up the knife and jammed it into the table. "How did russel get her past us. How did such simpletons manage to keep us out long enough for you to escape!!"

"So thats what it is then?" D spoke carefully his words very strong and direct. "You're mad that she got away and these questions are just for you to torture me. The whole story is already in you're head!! You know how she got away and you know it wasnt anything special. You couldnt control her!!!"

The kid smiled only alittle bit, but was still shaking in rage.

"For once i shall tell you somthing stuart. No. She was resistant from the start. Yes I am very angry and I want you to suffer." The boy looked carfully towards D his green eyes flashing.

"We where there because we needed to retrieave and then eliminate her. Her job was done, but it is required that she parish."

"Her job is done?" D was suddenly confused. "She hasnt done anything though. I dont.." He tried to verbalize but fell short of the words.

"I think its about time you had some fun stuart." The Child turned into the dakrness and whispered somthing. A taller girl walked into the lifght and picked murdoc up over her sholder.

"Follow her stuart or your mudsy will be dead by sunrise. I think you'l like where we are sending the two of you. Its a little company ment for pleasure whcih is very fortunate for you. After all, " the kid waved to D as he turned to leave, " you'll feel alot better."

And with that the child bagan to giggle.

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Chapter Seven: Mañana

Part 1 Goodbye
Russel carfully set noodle on the ground and they began walking up the hill. Noodle took the lead and for an hour or so they walked through the rotting stench of the landfill.

Russel rounded a corner and stopped short. He couldnt move another step further and stared with his white glowing eyes up at the beautiful thing before him.

It was a windmill which was slowly spinning in the wind. It lay atop an outcropping of rock which was broken at the base.

"This is it." Noodle turned toward him with a beaming smile. "I dont know why I could build this in the first place. It was somthing my mother told me long ago. A verse which I wrote in a song for the album."

Noodle looked intently through her hair at russel. Waiting for an answer but she would not reaiceave any.

"Russel come with me please. Come with me. I know where my home was. We can find somewhere safe and we can find D & Muds." Russel still didnt speak and noodle stopped smiling. "Please come with me. It can take us where we need to go!!"

Russel leaned down and smiled for the first time.

"You know I cant come with you.." Russel gave her a bear hug and felt her body shake. " I have to go back and you know I do. I have to lock the door to the boiler room from the inside. Thats the only way it can be done. Otherwise that piece of shiit will get away. "

She looked up into Russels face and all her fear was gone.
Even when she knew taht he would one day be captured by the people who sought her. She felt a new joy at escaping.

Her job was done and when she arrived at her desination. She woould come back and save them.

She turned and walked toward the windmill. Somehow that creature had known the name of her destination.

As she climbed the rocks to the windmill she had a vision of her captors.

One of them had said she would get it in the end...
If you dont learn to fit and fight, so you'll hear him call your future ...

Part 2. The island

Days upon days passed as the windmill moved over the city. She passed feel good tower and carrion bridge. Slowly making her way out over the mountains and over the ocean.

It was very quiet out here int the open air and at points she felt very lonely indeed. She had packed a small acuostic guitar with her clothes and fiddled with it everyonce in a while to pass the time.

She thought about her captors and how her drill instructor had spoken spanish to her.. Tommorow you'll get your end
They had been a multi national group of children. From all over the world.
All she wanted to do was forget about what they had turned her into but she kept seeing them in her minds eye.

Atlast she was free. Free to make her own decisions and free to finish her search back in Japan.

She would find the small town that had been destroyed. She would find the soul of her ability to build the windmill and find out who her mother had been.

It would take months of travel but she would do it. She knew she was getting stronger without being controlled........

Carfully she stretched her legs out in the grass and walked out to the edge of island. There on the edge of the grass sat a flower and she picked the flower while surveying the beauty of the open air.

She sat down and put her feet over the edge of swinging them back and forth.

Her thoughts where about what she would do once she was able to save her beloved Gorillaz. Once she had the answers she would train herself more than ever and she knew that things would turn out ok.

A small butterfly crossed her vision and she looked up into the sky.

There where two objects moving toward her.

Part 3. Cry for the windmill

The two metal birds she had seen so many years ago where back for her agian. She was sure that they would try to land and she quailed at the thoguht of having to fight anything again.

She didnt want to fight anymore.

Without a seconds warning a spray of bullets filled the air and she turned toward the windmill at full speed while pieces of metal flew past her head.

One almost hit her but went through the wood of the doorjam sending pieces into her face.

She felt the windmill rock as one of the creatures rammed through the delicate propellers.

She pressed her back up to the wall and put her head into her hands.
Please I dont want to do this anymore please..

. . .

The windmill began to burn and the device she had contsructed was now falling part. Shards of wood fell from above which her face and hands. Embers of fire where now her entire world.

She needed to breath, so she listened carfully outside for the two creatures. Maybe they thought she was dead? Maybe they where gone?

She stepped outside the doors and felt a cool breeze brush away the hair from her eyes. Hers eyes where a deep shade of green.

She hear a bullet fly past her face and ran for the windmill again.

. . .

Leave me alone... Dammit.. leave me alone... I dont want to fight..
She rested her face up against the door jam and felt the island decending from the sky.

The fire was raging above her which forced her to stay near the doorjam.

She saw the clouds part and below her was a mountain range full of deep canyons and fjords.

The metal creatures didnt shoot anymore but hovered around the dieing symbol of her peace and freedom.

The canyon enveloped her view and she heard the right side of the island
collide with the canyon wall..

All I wanted was to get away. Why did they do this? Why are they killing me when I havnt done anything..
All I did was write the songs and what does building a windmill have to...
That was it...

She remembered..
The first song. The kids with guns...
One day they would activate the other children...
and her job had been to write the song... to produce a song that would..
end the world..
She grabbed onto the doorjam and began to scream..
The ground lay before her...

The metal birds where going to kill her becuase her job was done..
Why though? She couldn't stop the other children...
She wasnt anything anymore and all she wanted was freedom.
All she wanted was to see the others again..

Then she felt that same strength rise up inside of her..
She closed her gorgous green eyes and felt the inner strength rise up within her..

Thats why they want me dead..
I sill have the ability to be like them and I have the ability to stop them
I have to save mi friends!!!
Somehow the place where I come from has given me these gifts.
I have to stop them!!!

Her thoughts came together in her head, but he had come to fetch her too soon.
The future had arrived.
She opened her eyes and watched as the front of the island collided with the ground.
Fire engulfed her world.
A small object fell from the sky
and the windmill was nomore...

(End of Book one)


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